Welcome to the Sunglider

The next »unicorns«, according to Black Rock's Larry Fink, will not be social media or search engines, but rather disruptive start-ups that develop solutions for abandoning fossil fuels and make the energy transition affordable for everyone. We agree and believe that the Sunglider developed by Dieter Otten and his Team has the potential to become Europe's next unicorn.

It is the first means of transport since the invention of the wheel that supplies itself with solar energy and generates more than it consumes. This unicorn runs on "fairy dust" (photoelectric drive) and makes a significant contribution to decarbonisation. The Sunglider doesn't cost money it earns money. With the sun. Doing so, the Sunglider makes the energy transition more affordable and attractive for the citizens of any city.

Revolution in public transport

Today's public transport is hopelessly outdated. It has lost touch. It has become unattractive. It is economically ruinous and cannot afford what the citizens would need to leave their cars at home: real zero tariffs. So something new is urgently needed to happen. Electric cars are not the solution.

Revolutionary metros in technology and concept are needed for medium-sized cities and their surrounding areas. No tram (too old-fashioned), no underground (too expensive). We need to rediscover and to reinvent the good old suspension railway on level +1. Let’s think "Uberground".